1964     The Insituto Panameneo de Arts, Panama, Drawings
1965     The Oxford Union, Drawings and Watercolours
1965     The Jason Gallery, New York, Drawings
1965     Duncombe Park, Yorkshire, Paintings and Drawings
1969     Duncombe Park, Yorkshire, Paintings and Drawings
1972     Hazlitt, Drawings London and Rome
1973     Hazlitt, Autumn in Provence
1975     Spink, Rust in India
1976     Spink, Rust in Greece
1977     Spink, The West Indies and other works
1978     Lane Crawford, Hong Kong, Drawings and Watercolours
1980     40 Belgrave Square and Ragley Hall, R.C.S.B. Benefit
1981     Gainsborough's House, Suffolk, A Travelers Sketchbook
1982     Spink, The Holy Land
1985     The Alpine Gallery, London, R.C.S.B. Benefit
1987     Leighton House, London, "The Painted House"
1987     Roger Ramsey Gallery, Chicago
1988     Stubbs Gallery, New York
1989     Robert Domergue Inc., San Francisco
1989     Melrose Place Gallery, Los Angeles
1990     Colnaghi, London, R.C.S.B. Benefit
1993     The Museum of Garden History, London
1996     Raphael Valls Gallery, London
1999     Marlborough House, London, Sightsavers Benefit
2006     The Ebury Galleries, London
2007     The Theatre, Chipping Norton, Oxon
2007     Chiesa dell'angelo, Lodi
2007     Neue Theatre, Espelkamp, Germany
2009    Mish, New York, N.Y.B.G Benefit
2012    The Brompton Oratory, London, Sightsavers Benefit