Opening with the moment Hugh inherited the Ragley Estate in Warwickshire in 1940 at the age of nine, the memoir concludes almost thirty years later with the commission of a mural, The Temptation, by his close friend, the artist Graham Rust.

The reader is taken through Hugh's blissful childhood and his schooldays at Eton where he "wore mittens and read the minor classics" to National Service when he managed to mislay thirty men as they marched across London and then to marriage, children, and his life's work: the saving of his beloved Ragley for the nation. The undertaking leads to experiences which are at times uproariously entertaining and at others intensely challenging, but always approached in the spirit of the family motto, "By Faith and Love".

2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary year since the commissioning of the Ragley mural, and both the family and the artist felt it was time to bring this delightful memoir into print, as a personal tribute to Hugh.


100 HARDBACK (a numbered Limited Edition)      400 SOFTBACK      255 pages, plus 40 illustrations

By Faith and Love   Publication date 30th May 2019

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